Lake St Clair Sailing Charter Club

Our sailing school graduates frquently ask where they can sail after they earn their ASA certificates. Until recently, there have been few options -- either buy a boat (and deal with dockage, insurance, maintenance and repairs) or charter (with deposits, insurance forms and charter contracts).

Now there is a better solution -- The Lake St Clair Sailing Charter Club! The Lake St Clair Charter Club offers qualified sailors the opportunity to sail as many days as they want all Summer with no high costs, no running expenses and only one contract and deposit. It is simply the best and least costly way to sail multiple times in the same location.

Members of The Lake St Clair Sailing Charter Club will sign one contract for the season and get to use our Catalina 30 as much as they choose. You will receive training and and full charter check-out the first time, and then after that, just schedule the time and go sailing -- no more deposits, no more forms and no more fees!

Best yet, because sailing time is sold in packages, we are able to offer the best pricing on the lake; this is simply the least expensive way to sail.


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