Chesapeake Bay School FAQs

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What is included in the price?
Our pricing is designed to be as inclusive as possible.  Live aboard lessons, like our Instant Bareboater® and Advanced Classes included in the price is: the boat, accomadations aboard the boat during class, the instructor, all running costs of the boat, books, tests, study guides, taxes, on-board meals (6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 4 dinners) and snacks, nonalcoholic beverages and access to our Knot So Fast instructional video series.  Not included is: your travel to and from the boat, alcoholic beverages, off-boat meals, instructor's gratuity.  Other classes, like our beginning and Instant Cruiser®, are not live-aboard and do not include lodging or meals.

How many students are in the class?
Typically 2-4 students are in the class.  Once in awhile we may run a class with only 1 student, but this is rare.  
What time do classes start?
Week-long classes begin at 4 PM.  Weekend and shorter classes begin at 10 AM.

What time do classes end?
Classes usually end mid-afternoon, about 2 PM.  However this can vary a bit based on weather, class size and a few other factors.
What should I bring?
Typically students bring too much!  You should bring your books, clothing appropriate for the weather, deck shoes, sailing gloves and personal hygiene products.  Try to pack in a duffle or collapsible bag.
Should I study in advance?
We will send you the books in advance and it will be helpful if you read and review in advance.  Advance preparation will also allow us to spend more time sailing.
How do I get there?
Please see the directions to our location on our directions page:
What can I do with the certification once I get it?
The Instant Bareboater® program is designed as preparation for bareboat chartering.  The Instant Cruiser® program is designed as preparation for day chartering.  Individual courses are designed to improve your sailing skills and prepare you for the next class.
Will the class be cancelled if the weather is bad?
We do not sail in dangerous conditions and classes are cancelled if there is sustained dangerous weather. Fortunately, this rarely happens on the lakes in summer, so classes are rarely cancelled. Normally, we get only short periods of bad weather and it is usually not dangerous at all. During these periods we complete the classroom portions of the sailing lessons, tie knots, and take our exams. We do also sail in rain, if it is not too heavy and not dangerous.
Are gratuities expected by Captains?
Of course gratuities are at your discretion, however, it is customary to tip your Captain 5-10% of your fee for a job well done. In cases of outstanding efforts, it is not unusual to see tips as high as 15-20%.


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