Free Charter Offer



The free charter offer for our Lake Erie graduates is a limited time offer and is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The free charter day is the day following the completion of the Instant Cruiser sailing class, usually a Tuesday.  The charter day is not transferable or changable nor can it be rescheduled due to weather.

2. Charter guesta must reserver IN ADVANCE and sign a standard charter contract with Fair Wind Sailing Inc.

3. Standard charter security deposit must be paid and liability waiver signed prior to boarding.

4. All other stanard Fair Wind Sailing charter terms apply.

5. The offer is subject to availability, no substitution or changes are permitted.

6. If mulitple students from the same Instant Cruiser class apply for the same charter day, than the charter day shall be shared by those students.

7. All participants must sign a Fair Wind Sailing liability waiver prior to boarding.

8. The offer can be withdrawn or terminated by Fair Wind Sailing at any time.

9. The vessel to be used for the charter is the S2 7.9 named Old School and all charters are subject to vessel availability.


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