Virgin Islands Sailing School

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Fair Wind Sailing School operates in the Virgin Islands with sailing lessons running from November through July. Our sailing base is in St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands at the American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook, St. Thomas. Fair Wind Sailing School’s Virgin Islands sailing instruction features our Instant Bareboater® Sailing Lessons -- a true sailing school at sea! Sailing lessons are weeklong, live aboard cruises leaving St Thomas, Virgin Islands and sailing through both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands (BVI). Successful completion of Fair Wind Sailing School’s Instant Bareboater® class provides students with certification through Bareboat Chartering. The Instant Bareboater® sailing instruction is an all inclusive class with all on boat expenses included in one fee (only exceptions are for alcoholic beverages and Captain’s tip).

Instant Bareboater® sailing lessons begin on Saturday afternoon with orientation, safety checks, and meal provisioning.

As part of our sailing lessons, students will sleep aboard our yacht in St Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands on Saturday night (Friday night sleep aboard is also available). Then, on Sunday we set sail from St Thomas through the Virgin Islands. At Fair Wind Sailing School, we believe the best way to learn how to sail is to maximize the time spent on the water sailing the boat. Our sailing instruction emphasizes boat handling and safety procedures (man over board, hove-to, emergency procedures, etc.) and we spend 4-6 hours a day sailing and practicing sailing drills. In addition, our sailing lessons cover the boat systems required to live aboard a cruising yacht. You will learn the basics of marine electronics, plumbing, inboard diesel engines as well as water and power conservation. We will spend time learning the tough chores -- anchoring, picking up mooring balls and docking so that when you have completed sailing lessons with Fair Wind Sailing School, your confidence will be high. Finally, Fair Wind Sailing School is the only sailing school operating in both the U. S. and British Virgin Islands. Our sailing lessons cover proper yachting customs when sailing internationally and also learn how to clear customs in both the U. S. and British Virgin Islands. The sailing lessons conclude with a return back to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands on Friday afternoon in time to catch flights out of the Virgin Islands back home.

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